Flying Dutchman Performance

Tonight we went to see NZ Opera’s production of the Flying Dutchman at the Aotea Centre. I must say the acoustics have improved greatly since the acoustics upgrade (spec’d by Marshall Day Acoustics). The circle has now been completed with the new flooring, seats and wall treatments. Overall I enjoyed the show but thought the first Act was a little dull due to the static nature of the cast, a minimalist set and lack of power in the Flying Dutchman’s delivery. I felt the main characters needed to be “larger” than they were to compensate – both vocally and visually. Act 3 was certainly a blast. Not even bare buttocks were enough to get a rise out of the Flying Dutchman’s ghostly crew.

As for the use of my recording for the ghostly chorus I felt it wasn’t sufficiently present in the overall live mix – I didn’t get the contrapuntal interplay between the orchestra and the chorus.

Diocesan School Recordings

A day recording at Diocesan School in the music pavilion with Music Director Shelagh Thompson and a bunch of very talented girls from classes Year 7 to 13). Groups recorded were:

  • Quintet – playing Mozart variations
  • Trio – playing Saint-Saens’ Trio Op 92
  • Symphony Orchestra – playing Rachmaninov’s Butterflies and Hurricanes; Lord of the Dance by Hardiman/Copeland
  • Quartet – playing Dvorak’s String Quartet Op 96 No 12
  • Chamber Orchestra – playing Piazzolla’s Libertango; Hamilton’s Whisper to me; Hamilton’s Danielle’s Bassoon; Storm – Vanessa’s Mae’s arrangement of Vivaldi’s Summer
  • Concert Band – playing What a Wonderful World

The music pavilion is really too small for orchestral recording – no space for the sound to bloom – so we’ll have to work some magic in post. In the small space temperatures soared, instruments went sharp and girls got tired. Since most of them had been out late the night before performing for their end-of-year music showcase at Holy Trinity it was amazing they were able to last the distance. All credit to Shelagh for encouraging them. Pizza for all the players at lunchtime was a definite winner.

Recording Viva Voce’s “Love, Love, Love” concert

Recorded Viva Voce’s 1st subscription concert at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber. Always a bit of a challenge recording a performance that you’re also singing in – but once I press the record button I can actually forget about the recording and just focus on the singing. It helps to have been able to monitor levels during rehearsal – so I am always able to leave enough headroom.