Recording Faust Quartet

Recorded a lovely concert from the Faust Quartet with Simone Roggen (1st), Annina Wöhrle (2nd), Ada Meinich (Viola), Birgit Boehme (Cello). The concert was held at St George’s Presbyterian Church in Takapuna. The programme consisted of Janacek’s Quartet No. 2 “Intimate Letters”, Dvorak’s “Love Songs for String Quartet” and Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet in B minor featuring Dimitri Askenazy.

Recording CSO live and in session for CD

A fun gig recording the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in the Wigram Airforce Museum. Basically a big aircraft hanger with three planes removed to make way for a stage and audience seating. The purpose of the gig was to record Anthony Ritchie’s 4th Symphony – based on the 14th stations of the cross. Fantastic piece – very emotional – especially with Jenny Wollerman’s lovely soprano voice. We recorded the rehearsal on Saturday morning (22nd Feb) and the concert on Saturday night. Then had a 3 hour recording session on the Sunday. The recording will be released on Atoll in the near future.

Recording Viva Voce’s “Love, Love, Love” concert

Recorded Viva Voce’s 1st subscription concert at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber. Always a bit of a challenge recording a performance that you’re also singing in – but once I press the record button I can actually forget about the recording and just focus on the singing. It helps to have been able to monitor levels during rehearsal – so I am always able to leave enough headroom.

Live recording of Viva Voce’s Denial, Decision, Deliverance Concert

Recorded (and sang in) Viva Voce’s Denial, Decision, Deliverance concert live atSt Patricks Cathedral. Singers and chamber ensemble; guest soloists: Andrew Glover (Tenor), Emma Roxburgh (soprano), Stephen Diaz (Counter Tenor), Morag McDowell (Soprano), Matt Landreth (Baritone), Mitchell Hageman (Boy soprano). Herald Preview here and review by William Dart here.